What does your parking lot say about your property or business? A parking lot is the first thing your patrons will see, it can either provide a clean, organized, welcoming atmosphere or create a frustrating, chaotic and unsafe parking situation. Every parking lot needs some attention every once in a while. Whether it's touching up faded line or laying down new ones, striping is a fantastic, low cost, way to dramatically enhance the appearance of the parking area.  At New England Line Painting we use only the highest quality paints and equipment to provide crisp, long lasting lines that will provide your property or business with the appearance you desire.

  • Striping new parking stalls

  • Re-striping existing stalls

  • Re-stripe over seal coat

  • ADA approved handicap stalls and stencils

  • Painted curbing

  • Painted parking bumpers

  • Blacking out of old or unnecessary markings

  • Painting or re-painting light pole bases


New England Line Painting is able to do more than just traditional parking lot striping. We handle:

  • Reserved or personalized parking stalls

  • Stall numbers, letters, or assignments

  • Traffic control markers, including stop bars and arrows

  • Drive Thru or traffic pattern notations

  • Schools

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