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"We Do Lines"

Parking lots are the first thing your patrons will see, whether they are driving by or pulling into your business. What does your parking lot say about your company?


We are a company ready to EARN your business! New England Line Painting is a professional line painting company serving New Hampshire, Southern Maine and North Eastern Massachusetts with many years of experience. Our Mission is to provide quality services that exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking for a fresh coat of paint on your school’s parking lot, customized parking stalls for your employees, or re-striping, you can trust that our team will deliver and get the job done and a price you can't beat!



When should you re-stripe your parking lot?

The upkeep of the buildings exterior is a reflection of your customer service and the way you handle business. Your patrons want to do business with a company that looks clean, appears inviting, and cares about their safety. Re-striping your parking lot annually or every 18 months is an economical way to spruce up your parking lot, enhance safety of your customers, and comply with ADA requirements. Re-striping your parking lot may even save you money by reducing accidents, maximizing parking, and enhancing the ease of safely navigating your parking lot. Additionally, re-striping helps keep fire lanes and handicap parking areas clearly visible.



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We use only the highest quality Sherwin William® traffic paint to ensure your parking lot stays looking good. 


Poorly striped and marked parking lots are frustrating. At New England Line Painting we make sure that yours are done correctly, whether it’s the first time or the next time.

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